Saturday, January 07, 2006

Tools of the trade

I think that we've covered the fact that I dig me some fibers, right? I really love the tools, though... I have a lot of size 10 needles because I use that size a lot and I keep running across fancy wooden needles. Just the other day I was *this close* to buying some in ebony, but I talked myself out of it. They were swanky!

Those are my straight needles (and one pair of circs I was using this week). I bought the case at Joann Fabrics a while's really nice, and was only 15 bucks. Yay, good buy! See the crochet hooks stickin' out? A set of Susan Bates hooks that I got for 3 bucks last month... nice, but they haven't proven too useful to date.

My mother in law gave me the box you see here for Christmas this year, and my first thought was "OH! It's the perfect size for my circs and DP's!". And it is. Notice the wood inlay...intarsia!

Yeah, i'd like to write more...but my stomach demands that I feed myself, and since it's a Saturday morning, I will make myself some eggs and then head back to bed to be lazy! Yay!


Blogger Jon said...

Laziness! LOL

I have all of my needles in a big plastic box that I got at Targay. It's pretty full and a pain in the ass to find a needle. Do you think I could actually catalog my needles? Naaaahhhh! LOL

6:33 PM  
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