Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Sun waves bye-bye!

or, the scarf post that should have been done last week.

I've said it before folks, and I'm not ashamed to say it again: I like a few of the fibers in the Joann Sensations line. I *ALMOST* bought more in blue today to make my own scarf, but then I thought "Self, do you really need a new scarf?" I think I'll limit myself to one personal scarf per year.
This one is called Thick 'n Thin; It's two fibers plyed together. One slubby woolfiber in a sunset-esque purple-pink-yellow colorway, the other is a laceweight nylon that's dark blue and kinda hairy. Not eyelashy (how I loathe that stuff), just like it needs a shave.

So yeah, it's a trendy yarn, but it's perfect for the recipient. A few people said "Um, a scarf? for an 8 year old's birthday?" and it made me second guess myself. See, that's never a good thing, cuz you know what? I'm always right! Except for when I'm wrong, which is almost never.

I finished the scarf in just two nights; it was done on US 19s, and anything done on 19s knits up quickly. I did most of it in one night, and the next night I just kinda fiddled with it. I woke up on a Saturday morning (day of the party) and added the fringe in about 10 minutes, and then went to work.

...Only to find out that someone had picked up my shift but no one had told me... so I got some coffee and the super awesome gay-owned coffee shop nearby, got an almond latte, and then came home to hang out with Rich.

So I was thinking "a scarf will be nice, it's supposed to be getting chilly soon, and she likes clothes."

Well, she LOVES clothes. That's all she got! Clothes from Mom, grandma, great grandma, and the aunts. She's very girly, and almost everything was pink, so this was the perfect thing. Her eyes lit up and she yelled "MY VERY OWN SCARF", wrapped it around her neck and then proceeded to open the rest of her gifts.

She's fun. She knits! I bought her the Lion brand kid's needles at christmas and gave her a bunch of my crappy acrylic stash. I gave her great grandmother a copy of "how to teach kids to knit" since she spends 4 days a week with them after school (I spend one day with them), and so now she knits! We're going to work on mitered squares this week.

I am ashamed to admit this- I bought some acrylic today. Red Heart Super Saver, yo! IN RAINBOW MULTICOLOR. I did all of this on purpose, y'all! I'm gonna make a bag out of mitered squares, and well... GAY PRIDE! That's all I'ma say on that.

Here's mom wearing the scarf. She says that she's going to steal it, because darling daughter forgets it when she goes to school and she can't resist it. I can't blame her, I like it a lot too.

Oh hey! I realized what I did to screw up my entrelac project... It's embarassing to say, but I will share it anyways. The yarn over bit? and k2tog? Okay, I was doing the k2tog and then PURLING a stitch- totally skipping the increase. I was sleeping and I realized- HEY WAIT A MINUTE! I know what I did wrong! So I'm going to try it again soon, because I really do think it looks neat. Want to see what I did end up with though? :)

F'real! I made that while trying to do all decreased, and decreased, and decreased until all I had left was a nub. See, I'm using my chibi to sew it up and make it into a little sculpture! yay for art!


Blogger ChiliGurl said...

Must. have. rainbow. scarf. to. wear. while. riding. gay. scooter.

1:57 AM  
Blogger Jenny said...

Hi. I'm Genny's friend, Jenny. I'm a knitter in Phoenix and I wake up all the time finally figuring out how I screwed up this or that pattern. Brioche stitch was my latest trial. Still have that horse to get back up on. Rainbow mitered squares sound awesome!

11:53 PM  
Blogger Jon said...

Shame on you for your acryl purchase! There are other nice yarns out there in rainbow colors. And if you are knitting a bag, perhaps felted, why not get rainbow colors and knit one in stripes that way? Maybe I'll do a shop sample that way. LOL

And what's with that sculpture? LOL

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Jess said...

So I thought I'd drop by your other journal and was tickled "pink" to see those pictures! Love ya!

10:09 AM  
Blogger Jacqueline said...

'A few people said "Um, a scarf? for an 8 year old's birthday?" and it made me second guess myself.'

What were these people thinking, a cool scarf is an awesome present for an 8 year old! At least I hope so, because my little sister is turning 8 today and I'm giving her two. Hopefully the result will be similar to yours :)

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:44 PM  

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