Monday, January 09, 2006

Not pale enough to be goth

*sigh* I'm feeling very blah today. My allergies are KILLING ME, INTERNET! And even though they're the only things that make me feel human when my allergies are bad, I can't bring myself to take the stupid allergy meds. I just don't want to rely on them; I'd rather feel like crap than keep pumping myself full of artificial chemicals and whatever. If they could make a pill out of like, rainbows, or love that would fix my problems I would so take it.

I don't like either of the projects that I said I would work on this month, so I've decided that hey, I'm not going to work on them! You know why? Because knitting IS A HOBBY, and well, If I'm not enjoying it, THEN IT'S NOT A HOBBY. I wish I had realized this attitude at a younger age and been able to tell my sorry excuse for a mother that Hey, you know what? I'm not liking this, so I'll just see you later.

Ugh. So. Bitter. I'm sorry y'all, I'm just sleepy. The allergies kept me up, what with the not breathing, and the coughing, and the SECRETIONS! Good lord, who knew that a single human being could make so many interestingly colored fluids?? And oh my, wouldn't you know that I would drift off to sleep FINALLY at 2am, only to have to get up at 5:30am for an early morning shift at the front desk of my yoga center. It's so hard to be a ray of sunshine this morning.

On the bright side- I'm trying out a new phone. A palm Treo; it's nice, but a little more gadget-y than I need. I think I might pass it on to my guy; he needs a new phone, and I'm really fond of my teeny tiny little barely-even-there celly.

Alrighty now folks; I'm done being a negative Nancy. I'm going to skip along to the kitchen and pour myself a bowl of organic bran-O's with honey and then cheer myself the hell up by singing songs from musicals.


Blogger Jon said...

Sorry to hear you are under the weather, hon....take some chemicals, you will feel better...

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Sara said...

Ugh, I hate sinus allergy crap! I hope you get to feeling much better soon.

11:27 AM  
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