Sunday, December 11, 2005

Some fiber, a little dork too

I've been meaning to reorganize my stash, and since I don't want to work on my current scarf (you know, since it's almost done I just can't be bothered...) I thought I would do that. So I have three stashes- good stash, medium stash, and acrylic stash inherited from my mom last winter. Good stash lives in a schmancy little yarn project bin on "my side" of the sofa. Yeah, it's pretty damn nelly, but hey- it actually matches my brocade living room curtains in color AND pattern (almost exactly on the pattern, but dead on in color). So yeah... I had lots of stuff in there that needed to go to the medium-good quality stash hideout, which is the armoire in the guest room. Coincidentally, that's where I hide my comic books after I read them.

Some of the yarn I kept in the pretty stash bin, but most of it went bye bye since I don't have a lot of some of it. Some day I'll get bored and make a pillow out of scraps, but until then I'll just pack them away in the armoire.

The medium good stash didn't get organized today, mainly because I don't have a lot of medium good stuff. I have a lot of handspun and kettle dyed remnants, and some synthetics that I love... I gotta say, but Joann Fabric's angel hair is nice. It's not hard to work with, it's easy on the hands, and it's just so soft. Mmmm, washable too. I have some bits of in blue, dark green, light green, and purple. MIL is getting a scarf that is partially dark purple angel hair.

Oh, delicously citrusy mohair, why must you be so scratchy? I will find small glass squares and sandwich you between them, because hey,that would be the rockinest coaster ever.

You really can't take me shopping anywhere, you know? I tried to go Xmess shopping today, and while at Williams Sonoma I couldn't stop dancing! They played Culture Club and Pat Benatar, so I really can't be blamed for it, right internet? My 'tumble for you' dance was good, but (here's where I dork out, internet, watch for it) I know the "love is a battlefield" choreography and I did it in the martini glass aisle. Shimmy-shimmy, stalk-stalk-stalk, FOSSE! I hope to jesus that I wasn't security camera'd. Because I'd hate to be caught on film doing something crazy, like, I dunno, modeling a feather trimmed throw blanket inside Neiman Marcus or something...

Um, that's not me? Okay, it's my twin, he's not only dorkier, but also gayer. F'real. Dang, y'all aren't buying that, are you?

See, I told you not to take me shopping...


Anonymous kathy said...

*dang* I've been shopping with the wrong people! I think shopping with you sounds like a blast! woo hoo!

10:38 PM  
Blogger Birch said...

I have made SUCH and ass out of my self by dancing in HEB. Fer goodness sake, they were playing In a Big Country.

Who wouldn't dance.

And sing.

And ~flourish~.

3:53 PM  
Blogger ChiliGurl said...

GURL!! You just know we would have found some "luxurious" Bobby Trendy things to make fun of!! Gawd, I miss shopping with you.

1:46 AM  

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