Thursday, December 29, 2005

Horrors of Entrelac, part 1

The entrelac! Oh,the horror of it all! Oh, Internet, I wish I could show you pictures of what happened to my entrelac trial, but I can't find my trusty digital camera (I think I left it in Rich's car, it's probably hiding under the seat).

Something went wrong, but not horribly wrong. My entrelac looks nothing at all like the picture I posted in my previous entry (that was just a google image search results, I'm not that gifted). No no no, not at all like that. I think I skipped ahead and when I should have been doing left hand edge squares I did right hand squares, and then vice versa, and hell I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden I have 8 stitches on a needle that previously had 48!!

Okay, so I look at this thing, and it looks like a freaky elf hat. Then it looks like a bouquet from land where homos have never heard of Marth (Wyoming??), and THEN it's looking to me like the Norse tree of life!! So what does a quarter norwegian homo do?? Breaks out the chibi and knits that shit up into a sculpture! I'm gonna stuff it and do *something* with it. Really, it's kind of cool looking, I just wish that:

A. I had meant to do that.
B. I could remember what exactly I did.
C. That I had heat vision.

I need to take an entrelac class at my LYS; I'm really a kinesthetic learner (learn by doing!), but with this I think I need to see it done and not rely on just a book. Sometimes I have to read instructions a few times, dig around the abbreviation list at the back, then read a few more times... The p1 fb instruction confuses me; I'm 70% sure I'm doing that wrong. Oh, and SSK ? Huh-wha? I need something to soothe my soul, so maybe I'll make a quick scarf. I want to do a drop stitch scarf in black ad weave in some recycled silk that I got at the local toy store (yes, the toy store carries recycled silk, how cool is that?).

I have a friend who works there (at the toy store), and she loves my KO's...she has a few hats and a scarf- her ladyfriend would probably appreciate a scarf too, so maybe I'll just whip one out for her tonight. Or maybe I'll go price some knitting machines... anyone have any recommendations?

ps- I'll post some "horrors of entrelac" photos sometime soon, I promise!


Anonymous Melissa said...

SSK! What about this one: PSSO.

I make cheat sheets all the time in my yarn journal. It's a little spiral bound book with graph paper and pouches to store yarn samples. Sometimes I have to write out in regular words what this shit means. Like for a really long time I didn't know that Pick up and knit 30 just meant you put loops on the needle. I thought you had to put the loops on the needle and then knit them. So, I was always backwards and mixed up.

6:21 PM  
Blogger TrickyTricot said...

Wow... How many times did I have to look at that first picture.. it totally looks like you're sitting there naked.

And I'm not just saying that because you said I look... menacing...

8:12 PM  
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