Saturday, December 17, 2005

Holiday party with the yogis

I wish I could maintain my supercool internet blogchild exterior and make fun of the hippies that I hung out with tonight, but I really can't. The people that I work really and truly feel the amazingness that is the human condition, and I can't make fun of that because I feel it too.

I laughed my ass off tonight- I laughed so hard that my throat jumped out of my body and told me that it hated me for making it laugh so hard. Seriously- it was amazing! I would show you pictures, Internet, but there aren't enough pictures to capture the hilarity. I would like to say that I feel special for holding the role that I do. I got to talk, and people know who I am, not because I'm such an amazing knitter, or an amazing yogi, but they know me because I'm just chatty. I'm me, they're who they are, and we all had fun tonight. I came home with an artichoke sculpture, a dvd, and some juice. Yum.

Really, I'm a lucky guy, and I know that. Y'all are lucky too, and hopefully you know it as well.


Anonymous Sara said...

I enjoyed the party too--the food was awesome! I envy your chattiness because I was kind of shy before the white elephant game, and didn't talk to a lot of other yogis.

11:09 AM  
Blogger LA said...

I went to a white elephant party this year. This is what I took (and no, I didn't make it). It was a hit!

12:22 AM  
Anonymous merete said...

wow. this is my kind of blog. a knitter who is an ashtanga yogi at the same time. i have been knitting since i was 10 and doing yoga for the last 5 months. only this thursday i met guruji who was in copenhagen where i live. lovely led primary class with him. quite a carismatic man i dare say.
hello from merete in copenhagen

2:17 AM  

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