Saturday, December 31, 2005

Boring Saturday

So after the Horrors of Entrelac, I have just been working on a scarf while I have been lazing about. On Thursday I made about 6 feet of scarf while watching the Bourne Identity, then I frogged it Friday morning. I worked on it again Friday and frogged it again on Saturday. This morning (Saturday morning!) I started workingo n it again, and decided to keep it. It's a plain ole' garter stitch, done while sitting on the couch. Dude, have you seen The Soup's clip-off ? Hilarious!

So yeah, the scarf... garter stitch, done in Lion Brand Wool Ease thick 'n quick with US 13's (bamboo, natch). the scarf itself is kinda boring, even if it is like 10 feet long (hey, what can I say? when it comes to scarves I'm a size queen). So when I got to the end, I dropped a stitch and then worked it free down it's length.

I blocked it to stop it from corkscrewing around when I wore it, and the Virgin Mary TOTALLY approved of it!

I like the little ladder-y look of it, and thought it would look nice with some fancy yarn woven between the ladder-y bits, so I busted out some Bernat Bling-Bling, yo! And then, Eww! Or, in French: Iue!

So I took the bling out andwill probably wear this thing out to a New Year's eve party that we're going to in a little while... So, g'night everyone, and have a wonderful holiday :)


Anonymous Melissa said...

You are so creative and what a good idea to just drop that stitch.

Hey, just now when I said that I pictured me with a ski mask and a gun: "Drop the stitch, bitch and noone gets hurt!"

Can that be the title of my knit blog? I have one you know. Haven't written in it in ages, though. Love you. Happy New Year.

6:16 PM  

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